Forget Fad Diets and Belly Gadgets, Biggly Diet Software will make you Scientifically Sexy – Guaranteed!

It’s not easy being motivated when you’re not seeing results, right?

But guess what? You ARE getting results when you control your
calories or exercise – they’re just hard to spot!

Biggly bodybuilding software tracks your diet, exercise and
your physical measurements, so you DO spot results quickly.

Then it does something unique…

It ranks how sexy your body is, based on the Biggly Body index!

Based on the average figures from 12 various studies, Biggly
looks at your age and sex, then compares your measurements
to the scientifically-proven physique considered
most attractive to the opposite sex.

Nicknamed “The Bodybuilder’s BMI”, your Biggly Body index
doesn’t just rate how slim you are like the usual “Body Mass Index”.
That normal “BMI” is meaningless, actually showing ripped bodybuilders as being “overweight”!

Your rating on the Biggly Body Index is up to a maximum (perfect) body of “100% Biggly”. Now go on, admit it, that’s a lot more fun and useful to you than that boring old Body Mass Index or “BMI”!

Why Your Diet Didn’t Work Before:

So what makes the difference? Why does it work for some people, and fail for many others? I believe there are 2 issues, both strongly linked:
1.They don’t BELIEVE they’re getting results, so when:

2.They can’t SEE results quickly, they give up…

Well who wouldn’t?

Do calorie-restricted diets and exercise work, for those who DO stick with the plan?

The answer to that is an obvious and ear-splitting ‘YES!’

Heck, some bodybuilders, without needing any steroids, actually go too far and look freaky!

But now YOU WILL see results, which PROVE you’re losing weight, developing a better shape, getting fit and looking sexier! Because you’re going to use Biggly Diet & Exercise Software…

Here’s The Biggly Success Secret:

The power of Biggly is it starts showing you results before you’d notice on the weight scales or in the mirror!

First, you simply eat as normal, entering whatever you eat into your Biggly, for about a week. As long as your weight doesn’t change that week, this will show you how many calories you need to maintain your current weight.

Then you adjust your calorie intake by at least 10% up or down. At this stage you already know this will have an effect before any effect happens!

Secondly you take careful measurements all over, not just your weight…

Thirdly, you’re tracking your strength, speed, endurance, resting heart rate and so on. What this means is that ANY change will start to show up on your graphs!

You immediately spot trends and you KNOW you’re getting fitter, that the flab on your arms is reducing, that your tummy is shrinking – even when your weight scales tell you your weight “hasn’t changed”!

You know you’re gaining muscle and neural strength as you see your strength graph climbing, you’re getting faster as lap times reduce or Biggly tells you your average speed is increasing etc.

It’s also great for spotting “flat spots”, so you know immediately that you need to change things around a bit (if your body has adapted to a routine).

Whether you’re into competition bodybuilding or just want to get rid of that pudgy tummy, it works!

It works so well because it’s giving you The Big Secret – fast, measurable
RESULTS! Not because you read it in a book or saw it on TV – but because Biggly PROVES IT to you!

Like Strolling in the Park…

Just keep doing what works and grateful weight-scales and a pleasantly surprised mirror will follow, that’s guaranteed. Literally, I guarantee it.

Heck, it’s just common sense!

Now imagine wearing the clothes you really want to, including the really skimpy stuff? Being able to pick and choose what shows off your body, not hiding it?

Knowing wherever you’re going, whatever clothing (or lack of clothing) you have on, you just look awesome anyway? From every angle, without sucking anything in!?

Believe it, when you know you’re on the right path and getting good results, it’s a heck easier to just keep strolling along that same path. It really is that easy.

The body you really want is just up ahead a little way – why would you evenwant to walk in anything other than a straight line to go get it?

This is the secret power of monitoring for motivation. Bodybuilders do it, top models and actors have their personal trainer do it for them but it’s the same thing.

Now you can do it, simply and easily, on your own PC, netbook or laptop!

Features, Functions and Fun Stuff:

Tracking your diet – made fun!

Biggly diet software has a built-in food database with over 8,000 items, to which you can easily add your own foods (or complete meals).

Your targets are calculated for you or you can set your own:

Calories (switchable for losing/gaining weight)

Your food group ratio – Fats, Carbohydrates and Protein levels

Calorie distribution across the day

Vitamins and minerals, especially those important for bodybuilding

Tracks each day, with automatic graphing

1 month, 3 monthly and 6 monthly reports of progress

Average and actual consumption

Protein per lb of lean mass (for bodybuilders)

Instant search

4 food lists; Standard, Your Favorites, Saved Meals & Supplements

Biggly contains published data from a number of well-known body-building supplements by brand, as well as branded foods.

Even if you’ve tried keeping a food diary before, you’ll find Biggly is easy! Just save your favorite items and meals and entering is MUCH easier than scribbling on paper or peering at labels!

Soon you’ll know exactly what you’re eating in terms of calories, when you’re eating them, from which food groups, plus which vitamins or minerals you’re missing out on.

Some food items will shock you how many (or few) calories they contain!

Keeping an eye on your graphs is actually fun, making the concept of a caloried-controlled diet extra-easy. :o)

Tracking your Exercise – made easy!

You don’t really need to scour the net to know that calorie control works even better with exercise, right?

First let’s look at “cardiovascular” exercise such as swimming, cycling etc.

Your software doesn’t just record that you exercised, it tracks and calculates:

Biggly comes with over 8,000 food items already in the database for easy entry, inc. bodybuilding supplements. You can also add your own items and save complete meals, copy meals from a previous day etc
Which exercise

For how long

Over what distance (if applicable) in miles or kilometers

Calculates your average speed or enter manually

Tracks your resistance settings (such as a treadmill gradient or RPM)

Calculates how many calories you burnt

Is designed to work with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Records your heart rate

Biggly is flexible: If you’re using equipment that claims to calculate such things for you, you can enter your figures manually and still track your progress over time.

Weight Training? Oh yes!

Bodybuilding software wouldn’t be complete without weight training!

Biggly covers everything, beautifully. In fact I designed it with some of my bodybuilder buddies to ensure it hits the spot.It has a purpose-built workout journal, tracking your weights, reps, sets, negative reps, rest periods and more. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with such terms, as the Biggly how-to guide explains it all. You’ll soon understand and be able to talk about this stuff with confidence!

This workout journal gives you the same kind of boost to your workout motivation as the food diary. It’s a mega-potent technique but many gym rats are completely unaware of it!

Imagine seeing your strength and power increase week after week, your arms growing shapely and lean, all automatically graphed for you. It’s a HUGE boost to your motivation!

It tracks, and automatically graphs, such things as:

The exercises peformed

Dozens of resistance exercises in it’s database – and add your own!

Weight lifted

Reps (how many times you lifted it)

Negative (reverse) reps


Rest period

1RM (one rep maximum) by day, plus average over time

Total weight lifted

Every exercise graphed

Weekly Workout Scheduler (also works for cardio)

Prints workout sheets to take to the gym!

Countdown Timer

One well-proven technique to boost your motivation is having a deadline such as a bodybuilding or slimming competition coming up. Or a beach holiday!

Set the timer and Biggly tells you how many days you have left to go!

Photo Album!

Another proven method, once you start getting visible results, is to look at “your before and after” photographs. Version 4.0 of Biggly brings back a favorite feature from version 2.0 – a photo album!

Easily navigate by date and see for yourself how your body is improving!

Just select any photo from your hard drive and Biggly will create a re-sized copy, directly in your Reports section.

Daily Journal

I find the real power of this feature is the ability to make future notes, so when I open Biggly I see a message I’ve left for myself…

Easy to use too, just click the relevant date on the calender and type in the box at the top of the screen. Very handy!

  • The exercises peformed
  • Dozens of resistance exercises in it’s database – and add your own!
  • Weight lifted
  • Reps (how many times you lifted it)
  • Negative (reverse) reps
  • Sets
  • Rest period
  • 1RM (one rep maximum) by day, plus average over time
  • Total weight lifted
  • Every exercise graphed
  • Weekly Workout Scheduler (also works for cardio
Bodybuilding Software
Cheaper than a Tub of Protein:

For less than a large tub of protein powder and a LOT less than having a personal trainer write this stuff down and produce graphs for you, you’re getting your own Biggly!

Biggly Diet and Exercise 4.0 is available with, or without, the 200 page illustrated how-to and workout guide, The Biggly Body Plan